More Full No Doubt Show Audio Courtesy of babefroman

Thanks to babefroman for uploading more audio of full No Doubt concerts (the last of his collection),including the band’s June 28,2000 show at E Center in Camden,New Jersey and their November 6,2002 show at Denver Coliseum in Denver,Colorado.

And the last full concert upload I will do. I gotz no mo Ex-Girlfriend / Sunday Morning / Bathwater / Different People / Magic’s in the Makeup / Just a Girl / Happy Now? / New / Don’t Speak / Excuse Me Mr. / Simple Kind of Life / Spiderwebs

Hella Good / Sunday Morning / Ex-Girlfriend / Underneath it All / Platinum Blonde Life / Bathwater / Hey You / Magic’s in the Makeup (acoustic) / Running / In My Head / Total Hate / Different People / New / Simple Kind of Life / Just a Girl / Hey Baby / Don’t Speak // Rock Steady / Spiderwebs

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