Big #flashbackfriday at EIT!


In the spirit of revisiting No Doubt’s performances over the years, we are going to look back at some great performances EIT Media has availble for fans to enjoy. And looking back at today’s date (December 9th) we have two amazing KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas concerts and a VH1 special about the band’s history.

VH1’s Deeper with No Doubt (video) – VH1 followed No Doubt when they opened for U2 and during the recording of “Rock Steady”.
KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas 2001 (audio) – Full set performed by No Doubt after the release of “Rock Steady” and a backstage interview.
KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas 2012 (audio and video) – Full surpriset set, during their surprise appereance at KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas second night.

Go ahead and watch/listen to them all! They are a must for all fans so go to EIT Media, download them and enjoy!

Happy Friday No Doubters!

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