Audio: No Doubt at Endfest in Washington in 1996

Thanks to babefroman for sharing audio of No Doubt’s set (minus their cover of “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da”) at Endfest at the Kitsap Bowl in Bemerton, Washington on August 3,1996.

So I found few old shows I stashed way to deep in the storage. Took forever to find’em but Im not done uploading after all. And this record was alll mine. I happened to be home exactly at the right time on the radio they said we are airing no doubt now live from seattle. I slapped a tape in and here you go. killer quality but missing last song ob li da beatles cover. Opening tape (Main Street Electrical Parade) / Intro (What’s Cookin’?) / Sunday Morning / Happy Now? / Different People / Just a Girl / Excuse Me Mr. / Don’t Speak / Total Hate / Spiderwebs / Ob

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